Friday, January 09, 2009

Mile Oak, Mile Oak

I took this photograph by accident. We were on the 1A, going home to Roy's parents' house in Mile Oak after a day shopping in Brighton just after Christmas. I was snapping away on the bus, almost randomly, not bothering to check the exposure or focussing or any of that technical malarky. When I looked at what I'd taken there was, as you might imagine, an awful lot of dross - but there was also this, which I think is pretty groovy.


Rob Spence said...

Mile Oak, Mile Oak, so good they named it twice?

Theology Jen said...

Kind of. There are two buses that go to Mile Oak - the 1, which bears the legend "Mile Oak, Valley Road", and the much-prized (by us at least) 1A, labelled "Mile Oak, Mile Oak", which stops at the bottom of Roy's parent's road, thus saving us a long walk up a steep hill from the Old Village. The sight of a 1A is always greet by me singing "Mile Oak, Mile Oak, it's a wonderful bus". Which may be more information than you ever wanted about the Brighton and Hove bus service.